Welcome to my quick and easy COVID-19 blog for VCC guitarists

These are challenging times for sure, for some more than others, but we're all missing the kind of connection that we could so easily count on pre-pandemic.

I'm hoping you will visit this page from time to time to find a bit of practice motivationmusical inspiration, and even a bit of community. That means I'll be making it my mission to add new content a couple of times a week at least, and I encourage you all to comment freely on anything you find here.

I'm starting with some YouTube links of musicians (often guitar players specifically) that I think you should hear. This is all about my own tastes and musical preferences of course, but with the intent to share something that you might appreciate too. 

I'm also going to be posting mini lessons. I imagine these will be 5 to10 minutes in length. No big productions, just little morsels of what I find engaging when I practice guitar. I hope they're helpful, and I always welcome questions and suggestions to make the material clearer, or more relevant.

Your comments and requests are welcome!