You’ll find here information about my current activities, some accounting of my (musical) past, and a pretty good selection of tunes to listen to.

I am of the conviction that it’s meaningful and interesting, maybe even important (to me at least), to experience the way a performer/artist expresses their perspective and sense of self. I find it potentially connecting and enriching of how I experience their creative output.But, there’s no substitute for, or subordinating of, creative output. So if you want to get straight to some music I invite you wholeheartedly to skip my words and head straight to my guitar by following the “listen” link. After all, it’s really the point of things here. The pudding in which lies the proof, if you will (of what, exactly, I’m not sure).

My adolescence, musical and otherwise, was filled with a lot of music, but a general soundtrack could be encapsulated with two guitarists that informed pretty much every note I played, though never at the same time (back then). Jeff Beck and Jim Hall, occupying opposite ends of the dynamic and sonic spectrum available to a guitarist, and inventing/deploying musical lexicons completely distinct from one another, made their indelible marks on my musical path. They each resonated perfectly with my musical nature and, in an awe inspired way, I am humbled by them still.

For a time these influences seemed irreconcilable as I single-mindedly focused on just one, or the other. Slowly their spirit of adventure and play became their most apparent feature to me; that creative impulse they each displayed, to take whatever they brought to the table and deeply explore how it might converge with the moment and the music to make something compelling even more so.

On a good day I would hope that my own nature, which found resonance with these musical giants, emerges with it’s own identifiable voice, sincere and personal. Sometimes it has as much to do with not trying as it does with trying. It’s a path, and like any of life’s other important paths, it goes to the end, which I love.


I truly love a wide range of styles and sounds. One of the joys of being a guitarist is that you can have a role to play in almost every genre. I’m not trying to showcase here every style I’ve been lucky enough to play, only a few variations on the jazzier side of things.
I've recorded my compositions with several groups. These original tracks are from albums with "Junction" and "3 Sisters", along with some unreleased material from my quartet.
My favourite setting is being in musical interchange with my friends and colleagues; playing together, listening, responding, initiating... it's intensely gratifying. But sometimes the perfect thing is to be alone with one's instrument, just seeing, or more properly, hearing what arises in the quiet.
Chris Tarry (bass), Tom Foster (drums) and I recorded this CD live off the floor in an old community hall converted from an older church. We spent a single afternoon; no headphones, no mixes, just playing. Old school, low budget, and very very fun.


A philosophy of “being open to and even seeking out the magical and spontaneous in all styles…” often finds Daryl departing from the mainstream to perform and/or record with a diverse array of musicians, including the Juno Award winning Andean group Ancient Cultures, Cuba’s Jorge Chicoy of Archer, Japanese drummer Motohiko “Toko” Hino, the VSO and the Chinese master musicians of Silk Road.

It all comes back to jazz though, and this is the passion that has carried Daryl across Canada as well as to Cuba, Japan, New York and the UK to work and tour with great musicians like Jorge Chicoy, Paul Jackson, Kenny Werner, John Stowell, Terumasa Hino and Jeff Berlin.

Daryl’s flowing, confident, harmonically rich style can be heard on numerous CD releases including those from his own groups; The Daryl Jahnke Quartet – “In Other Words”; Junction – “Self Portrait” and 3 Sisters – “Village”


Daryl has been involved in album production for many years. His work as a producer includes “When I Was a Bird” Laurel Murphy, “I Got Jazz for Christmas” – The X-Trio, “Village” – 3 Sisters, “Self Portrait” – Junction, “In Other Words” – Daryl Jahnke and “Blue Planet” – Jerry Legar.

As a producer Daryl has enjoyed repeated success as an applicant to the Canadian funding bodies of FACTOR, The Canada Council for the Arts and MITAP, securing funds for both recording and touring projects he was involved with.



“When I Was a Bird” Laurel Murphy
“Nature Girl” Holly Burke
“Stretchy” Vince Mai
“Borderland” Lowry Olafson
“Forward Motion” Fred Stride Jazz Orchestra
“Contemplation” Christie Grace
“Watchin’ the World Go By” Laura Werth
“MBand” Vince Mai
“Village” 3 Sisters
“Solid Ground” Lowry Olafson
“It’s Not For Me to Say” Don Stewart
“Of Battles Unknown Mysteries” Chris Tarry
“Subte” Vince Mai
“One of a Kind Woman” Julie Blue
“Self Portrait” Junction
“I Got Jazz For Christmas” Chris Tarry, Tom Foster & Daryl Jahnke
“Days That Disappear Too Soon” Lowry Olafson
“Feels Like Forever” Lowry Olafson
“The Vogue Show” Christine Duncan
“The Song Man” Daniel Aimé
“In Other Words” Daryl Jahnke
“New Ozone Rangers” Kerry Galloway
“Before The Rain” Kat Hendrix
“Songs For My Daughter” Al Wiertz
“Blue Planet” Jerry Legar
“Sol Del Norte” Ancient Cultures


Vancouver Community College; Music Dept. 2009-present : full time instructor; guitar and production.

Private Instruction 1982-present: teaching jazz improvisation and performance, including preparing students for entry into the jazz programs at Vancouver Community College and Capilano College.

Moveable Music School 2003-2005: taught jazz improvisation in an adult group learning environment.

Vancouver Community College; Music Dept. 2001-2008:  part-time instructor.

Vancouver College High School 1994-1996: instructed the rhythm section of the jazz band, teaching sight-reading, performance technique and jazz band conception.

Vancouver Community College; Continuing Education 1982-1994: taught “Jazz & Blues Improvisation” in a classroom setting.

Tom Lee Music 1983-1985: provided private guitar instruction.

Jerome’s Music 1981-1983: provided private guitar instruction.

Courtenay Youth Music Centre 1981-1982: taught private lessons and coached ensembles.


Daryl Jahnke – guitar
Kerry Galloway – bass
Bernie Arai – drums

Daryl Jahnke Trio
Daryl Jahnke – guitar
Steve Kaldestad – sax
Jodi Proznick – bass

Laurel Murphy Quartet
Laurel Murphy – voice & loops
Daryl Jahnke – guitar
Bernie Arai – drums
Jodi Proznick – bass


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